Estas fotografías extremas te quitarán el aliento

Cory Richards es un fotógrafo de National Geographic y escalador de montaña extremo. Combina estas dos actividades para capturar estas asombrosas imágenes. Entre los muchos emprendimientos que se describen en su feed de Instagram esta el intento de su equipo de atravesar la cresta oeste de Hkakabo Razi, la montaña más alta del sudeste asiático, situada en la frontera entre Myanmar y el Tíbet. Tiene más de 800.000 seguidores en Instagram.

Cory Richards is a National Geographic photographer and extreme mountain climber. He combines these two pursuits to capture amazing images. Among the many endeavors chronicled in his Instagram feed: his team’s attempt to traverse the unclimbed west ridge of Hkakabo Razi, the highest mountain in Southeast Asia, located on the border between Myanmar and Tibet. He has over 800,000 followers on Instagram.






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Joe Sertich returns from a long day of prospecting and fossil excavation in the Kaiparowits through a sandstone slab filled with hoodoos on assignment for @natgeo profiling Laramidia and the Kaiparowits formation of Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument in Southern Utah. Landscapes like this always move me…they seem to have secrets and answers hidden in them. Maybe because my parents took me there as a child, or maybe because there is some residual ancient wisdom locked in the sandstone, but no other place on the planet has the same draw to me as does the does the American Southwest. It’s a good place to get lost… // Insta retrospective to celebrate the release of the new @natgeo book of your favorite Instagrams. Link in profile. #natgeoinspires

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